WordPress Plugin: Crazy Lazy (Load)

Many of you have noticed and even used my WordPress plugin Unveil.js for WordPress. The Lazy Load plugin ensures that images are loaded and displayed according to the Lazy Load technique.

Now Unveil.js is a jQuery plugin – so jQuery is required. In themes like Twenty Thirteen it is also no problem, because jQuery is registered and used there anyway. But what about themes without jQuery? And just load extra jQuery because of Lazy Load? Not really useful.

Now I have extended my WordPress plugin in such a way that it is so clever and recognizes: If jQuery is used, it stays with Unveil.js. Otherwise lazyload.js is used, which is also very lightweight.

And since the WordPress plugin no longer relies exclusively on Unveil.js, another plugin name had to be used 😉 And because people wanted an update function, I moved the plugin to WordPress.org right away.

This is why: Crazy Lazy launched today. You’re welcome 😉


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